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The restorative nature of holidays (June 14th, 2018)

I have just returned from a week on holiday in Malaga and thought with the summer holidays fast approaching, now would be a good time to share my musings on how a holiday can be extremely restorative. And that’s even if you are travelling with little people in tow.

  • Escape from the daily grind: Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, it is different to your normal daily routine and this can be psychologically refreshing. So, embrace this escape.

  • Fresh air: enjoy being outside. We don’t get enough of the air in London – too much pollution and rain. On your holiday, sit outside as much as possible. Breathe in the fresh, ocean / country / mountain air and enjoy the benefits. Google some simple breathing exercises you can do to really make the most of it.

  • Sun: We all need Vitamin D and one of the best sources of this is the sun. Obviously we need to protect our skin from the UV rays but once you are lotioned up – get out and enjoy the feeling of the sun’s rays absorbing into your skin. Try to avoid the middle of the day sun and don’t sit out in it excessively.

  • Food: There is nothing better than eating fresh grilled fish and salad on the beach. It certainly beats your normal lunchtime sandwich. Oh and of course the amazing, natural, fresh ice creams you can find in most holiday destinations. It doesn’t all have to be healthy on holiday – let go!

  • Sleep: With work, play and family commitments, you may be sleep deprived to some extent. If possible, try and catch up on your sleep on holiday. This obviously may not be possible with young children but maybe you can try things like taking it in turn with your partner to catch up on some much needed shut eye.

  • Exercise: If like me you try and stick to quite a strict exercise regime when at home, it can be quite healthy to take a break whilst on holiday. Personally, I don’t and can’t fully rest from exercise because I find that I feel worse for it. So, I try and mix it up and do different methods of exercise when abroad. My favourite is swimming in the sea. If there is a safe swimming beach with lifeguards etc and you are a confident swimmer, this is an amazing way to stay fit whilst on holiday. If you prefer to swim in a pool, swimming outside on holiday is still a refreshing form of exercise which feels so much more restorative to me than swimming in a dark, warm indoor pool. Alternatively, try finding a steep hill and doing some hill sprints or find a quiet spot for some yoga. You can find lots of HIIT workouts online these days, some specifically tailored to hotel or holiday work outs. Examples online include or try ‘faiselpmafitness’ on intagram.

I hope these tips help you to have a great holiday and ensure you come home feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to take on new challenges.

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