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I’m Back! (December 13th, 2018)

My third son was born 5 weeks ago and so the dust is beginning to settle and a feeling of normality is returning. I am patiently awaiting my 6 week post-natal review so I can really get started in my return to a healthy body (and therefore a healthy mind). In fact, my long term objective is to become the fittest I’ve ever been.

As those that know me know, I do not enjoy being pregnant. That will explain why you haven’t heard from me for a while. I do not like not being able to do what I enjoy (such as train hard and get sweaty), I do not like being told what I can’t eat and I certainly don’t like not drinking booze. I mean my summer holiday wasn’t the same without being able to enjoy an Aperol Spritz on the beach. Due to my tendency to moan throughout pregnancy, I thought it better to avoid social media chanels. Now I am no longer pregnant and I have a beautiful baby boy, my positivity has returned and I am back!

So, whilst enjoying the peace and quiet (when the baby is sleeping or I am feeding), I am starting to plot my world domination and how and when I can begin. I have always been an ambitious person who enjoys a fast paced lifestyle whilst juggling many different jobs in my personal life and work. I enjoy engaging my mind and exercising my body. I think there are other women out there who share my sentiments and so I am going to share my return to my pre-pregnancy physical and mental state.

I am not solely interested in how I look. I am health conscious and aware of the negative health implications of high body fat and low exercise tolerance. I am also aware of the negative effects that can have on one’s mental health. Basically I love the hash tag #strongnotskinny. I felt that was made for me. I have never been a skinny person but am at my happiest when I feel strong and fit. I measure my achievements in what I am able to manage in the gym, by carrying out sporting challenges and when I feel comfortable in my favourite clothes.

So, my world domination is going to start with me sharing my return to pre-pregnancy physical and mental states. It will be with a health conscious bias and written from the perspective of a physiotherapist who works in high performance sport and therefore has extremely high expectations.

If the above interests you – please continue to follow and read my blog.

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